Fourth-day, 24th of Eleasis, 1495 DR


The party had been on the road for just over 2 days. The sun was high in the sky when the party turned East along the Triboar trail towards Phandalin where they planned to meet with their patron, Gundren Rockseeker.

Shortly, after setting out on the trail they came to a bend in the road and, ahead of them, two dead horses blocked the road leading towards the town. Cautious, they pulled their cart, laden with stores and supplies, over to one side of the road and took up positions to each side of the track.

As the tall fighter Tsetung inspected the horses, he made a grim discovery, that one of the horses was clearly Gundren’s. He turned to the group to give warning but it proved too late as goblins emerged from the brush and began to attack.

The combat was swift and deadly and perhaps slightly more brutal then some were prepared for, the quiet Cleric seeming quite disconcerted by the callousness displayed by their warrior and his great axe. But Gundren was nowhere to be seen and there were no goblins left alive to question.

The party, at first, appeared stuck for options when an unlikely solution presented itself from the unlikeliest of sources. Corlan, the small halfling that had joined the group in Neverwinter maintained his composure and calmly surveyed the area. It took him but a few moments to find a path heading to the North.

The group followed the path for nearly an hour, almost meeting disaster when Lucius, the group’s sorcerer was hoisted into the air by a snare trap nobody had spotted. Again, our calm little halfling maintained his composure taking the lead to scout, preventing them from falling into a pit trap further up the trail.

At the end of the trail lay the Cragmaw Hideout, a complex network of tunnels and chambers filled with the foetid smells of Goblins, two of which were guarding the entrance. Battered and beaten, the Accidental Heroes returned to the Triboar Trail and bedded down for the night. This clearly did not sit well with Durin the Cleric who, by now, was starting to fear for the safety of his cousin, Gundren. The night passed without incident and the party found themselves, once again, at the entrance to the cave.

The slog through the caverns proved arduous and, alerted to the presence of the group, most likely as a result of the goblins left dead the night prior, all were on alert. A foul trap proved nearly deadly when Lucius was swept away by a great rush of water that the Goblins had unleashed upon them.

They eventually found their way into the chamber of Klarg the Bugbear and his mangy wolf, Ripper.

“Why are you here?” he roared, catching the heroes off guard. They had not expected conversation. But it was not a conversation with a great deal of meaning and, before too long had passed, Klarg, Ripper and two goblins who had been hiding in ambush, charged into the fray.

The team eventually proved victorious but the battle was not without consequence. As the second day rolled on the group were rattled by a mysterious blue fire emanating from the scar above Lucius’ eye, and the confidence in the group was severely curtailed when Corlan was severely wounded by one of the goblins, barely managing to survive.

As the session drew to it’s conclusion the party were left considering their options. Wounded and shaken and, with Corlan barely able to move. Durin exhausted and no closer to finding his cousin.

What lies in store for our merry band?

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