Fantasy Grounds – On Sale

Those of you have been looking through the blog will know that I’m using Fantasy Grounds to host my Dungeons & Dragons sessions. It had always been the plan to put together some nice scenery and play face to face but my friends and I live quite far apart and only get to meet up three or four times a year. The pandemic forced our hand and here we are.

When I first saw Fantasy Grounds I knew that this was the application I was going to use. I’ve nothing against Roll20 but it just didn’t grab me as much. My group set a plan in action – we’d each pay for a monthly subscription, play four sessions or so, and then make a decision if D&D was for us. For me, my groups decision to pay for Fantasy Grounds at the end of that first month was going to serve as some form of validation. Surely, if they were willing to spend £30 to continue then it was because they were enjoying it?

Anyway, things change. Fantasy Grounds is now on sale with 50% off both the Standard and Ultimate Editions. As one of my group said “Sounds like a no brainer”.

This morning I woke up to an email from Steam advising me that four items on my Wishlist were on sale. It seems that, to expand on this, many of the Wizards of the Coast modules are now also on sale at 35% off.

At some point over the next few days I want to put up a page of my recommendations. Things I’ve bought, or videos I’ve watched, that I’m happy to stand by as things I have tried and tested. This will be one of them.

Sale ends on the 24th June so, if you’re thinking about getting started, there’s no better time.


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