A slight delay

In case anyone is wondering where this week’s session notes are, I have to say there has been a slight delay.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we have suffered a loss in the family recently and, as many of you have been through this process knows, it’s a fairly stressful time.

I keep settling down to read through the Phandelver notes but, unless my mind is completely taxed by something, I am finding it difficult to concentrate. For that reason, my group agreed to postpone by a week.

I’ll try to get the campaign log updated this week, and I’m looking forward to Thursday’s session.

In other news, I have been in contact with Venatus over at https://www.venatusmaps.com/ and he’s been nice enough to give me permission to post some of the maps I’ve been making for my campaign so I’ve started adding these here.

Go and have a look at his website. His work is excellent and his art style is so striking I knew, immediately upon seeing it, that I’d have to encompass his work into what I was doing.

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