Session 05 – Dealing with the Redbrand


“THAT’S HIM!” shouted the young boy, grabbing the guard by his tunic and pointing frantically at Tsetung. “THAT’S THE ONE THAT BROKE INTO THE CHAPEL!”. And, just like that, Session 05 began. With an accusation that will keep coming back to haunt our heroes.

As the guards crowded around I realised I’d not prepared this dialogue as much as I should have. I’d not really considered that this conversation would set the scene for the rest of the evening. I hastily improvised by creating a new character, Ferendal, who leads the small group of town guards. This also gave me an opportunity to introduce Harbin Wester, the Townmaster who, until then, the party had not deigned to visit.

Harbin quickly took on a sneering tone, demanding to know why the group had broken into the Chapel. He was also in no doubt that the Accidental Heroes were responsible for the six dead Redbrand left on the road outside the Sleeping Giant.

Tsetung accepted the blame and offered to pay for the repairs. This mollified Wester somewhat and Lucius followed up by admitting that they had killed the Redbrands at the Inn but only in self-defence.

I think I need to add a new rule here. Rule 7 – Don’t be afraid to punish your players. There has to be a risk if they’re to get invested in the story and they won’t feel any accomplishment if they aren’t tested. Others have said this to me* but you have to keep this in the back of your mind always. I realise, in hindsight, that I should have carried this plotline further but I was keen to move the story on – last week’s session was a bit slow and I wanted to make up for that. As Wester accused the party of killing six innocents he was hastily met with Trilena’s “Now just you wait one minute, Harbin Wester. We all saw what those Redbrand did to Thel Drendar! They ain’t no innocents.”

The group still aren’t following things like this up as quickly as I’d like. They had the opportunity to ask what happened to Thel but ignored it. I then had to have Harbin Wester drive the point home. It’s just not fluid yet.

It still feels like the group are suffering from “Video Game Syndrome” speaking to specific NPCs about a single questline rather than treating each NPC as a living, breathing character. As I write this I realise it is getting better but it needs to evolve a little more. I have mentioned this to my group but any tips here would be welcome.

Right. Here’s one for any of you Dungeon Masters preparing to run Lost Mine of Phandelver. I’ve spotted a bit of an issue here where the Starter Set could be clearer.

Each of the pre-generated starter characters comes with a “Personal Goal” to help drive the plot along. However, they’re not fleshed out well. As an example, the goal for the Wizard states that the Goblins have defiled an Ancient Shrine in Cragmaw Castle. It advises him to seek out Sister Garaele for assistance. There is no suggestion in the notes how Garaele can help, and she doesn’t know where the castle is. When Lucius told her of his mystic vision, I was lost. It was pretty clear from the player’s response that he was disappointed by the response. I can come back to this – I need to – but I’m not sure how and I’m open to suggestions.

Either way, if you’re running Lost Mine of Phandelver, take a look at the Personal Goals and be prepared for them.

Garaele remained wary of the party, as yet unconvinced that they hadn’t taken the chapel’s offering bowl, but she gave them the quest to speak with Agatha the Banshee. I guess, whilst they’re away, she can investigate the mystery of the defiled altar.

Into Tresendar

After a brief conversation with Halia at the Miner’s Exchange, the party headed into the Redbrand Lair. This means that they did not speak to Qelline Alderleaf or her son Carp. They didn’t find the secret way into the caverns and, as a result, entered the Redbrand Lair through the cellar. (Area 1 on the map) It’s definitely a longer and more time-consuming path but after a few roleplay heavy sessions, I’m OK with this.

The south east corner of the Redbrand Hideout. Dungeon Master Tips

After the group failed to convince the Redbrand hiding in Area 2 that they were there to assist, combat ensued. Again, the final Redbrand tried to surrender but Tsetung, who was not in the mood for taking any prisoners, cleaved him in two.

Eventually, the group made their way past the pit trap in the hallway (3). Corlan, the groups Rogue, did spot the trap and Tsetung jumped it successfully but things went downhill from there. Tsetung and Durin held a rope across the pit but, due to bad dice, most of the party still managed to fall in. I really should have given Corlan advantage on the roll as he shimmied across the ledge. He rolled terribly but I should have rewarded their strategy with the rope. Be on the lookout for things like this. You don’t need to follow the book when your players find novel (and clever) ways of solving puzzles.

An interesting encounter

The group then entered the Tresendar Crypt where they encountered three skeletons. The three members of the party who entered first wore Redbrand cloaks and the skeletons did not attack. I decided to have them engage in conversation. Once again, our fighter decided to take no chances and set to with his axe. I think I might need to take some action here.

Corlan, who has a personal grievance with the Redbrand, refused to wear a cloak and the skeletons screamed “Intruder!” at him as soon as he entered the room. They then proceeded to push past the rest of the party to get at him. I found it interesting is that none of the group understood why the skeletons singled Corlan out. He did announce after the session, “It’s because I wasn’t wearing the cloak.” though so he’s clearly paying attention.

In the last action of the night, the Redbrands in the jail area, alerted by the fight, charged into the room and attacked Lucius. The crit should have killed him outright but this isn’t a rabbit hole I want to go down right now. I followed Rule 6 and fudged the roll. Lucius is down, but the group will have a chance to save him.

I seem to be in a cycle now. Odd-numbered sessions have been really good and I’ve finished each session feeling satisfied. Even-numbered sessions have been a bit messy though. This one was a good one.


  • Tsetung refuses any attempt to take prisoners for interrogation, instead deciding to let his axe do the talking. Do I let this continue?
  • I need to give Lucius some pay-off for his “mystic vision”. I also need to remember that, somewhere in this lair, is the Redbrand that threatened him. That combat should not begin without some form of dialogue.

*some on this very blog.


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