Perfecting Your Craft 01 – Read, Read, Read

What next?

As your players begin to level up they will gain new skills and abilities and they’ll try new things. And it’s in this process that your reading subjects will be determined for you.

Once your players reach level 3 you’ll need to read more of their class descriptions and you’ll need to have a basic understanding of what spells and abilities they’ll have access to. This becomes part of your regular regimen.

As you begin to understand the basics, and as player levelling slows down, you should find you have less Required Reading each week. This gives you some free time. This is when I recommend you start looking into reading the rules fully. I guarantee that reading the rules after having played will be a stark contrast to reading them prior to your first session.

You can then start on some of the other core books. I recommend that you start with the Dungeon Masters Guide. I can’t make any further recommendations yet. However, my intention is to pick up Xanathaar’s Guide to Everything next. I’ll let you know how that goes.

You are the DM. You are in control. The only rules that are acceptable at your table are those documented in books you own!

Remember, the cycle begins anew when your players level up further but keep alternating between class details and other content.

What else can I read?

To really perfect your craft there are other activities you participate in to really expand your knowledge.

Reddit and Blogs

Firstly, read this blog. Follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss any articles. I’m going through this from fresh, just like you.

You can also lose a lot of time on reddits like DM Academy and DnDNext. I’m sure there are more and, if you’ve got any other good sources of information, make sure you post them in the comments.


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