Session 09 – Old Owl Well

Character Progression

At the campfire that evening, the players began to share a little more of their history.

It started innocently at first when Durin asked Lucius about the source of his glowing eyes. Lucius recounted the story of the cult he was raised by and how, each year, they would sacrifice one of their offspring to the demon they worship. He told of his horror when, on his 13th birthday, he was chosen. And he spoke of how the raw power had blasted from his fingers, unbidden, injuring the demon and allowing him to escape. He didn’t share everything but that’s another story to be told another time.

As the group began to open up, more details began to emerge. It was good to see them chatting away. I sat back in my chair and listened.

Corlan explained that his motivation for killing Glasstaff was to avenge the death of his wife and child. He described the pain he had felt returning from a day at market to find his farmstead ablaze and his family nowhere in sight.

Durin and Tsetung shared stories of their time as soldiers and their varied reasons for leaving. Durin because he could not find it within his heart to follow rules that went against his religious beliefs. Tsetung because he could not follow rules at all.

Wyvern Tor

The following morning the party entered Wyvern Tor under the cover of darkness. The single guard watching over the cave’s entrance was hastily dispatched by Corlan’s new longsword, Talon, the magical blade wielded comically in his small hands. This sword will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to Corlan’s personal character development so stay tuned for more updates.3

Gog the Ogre

The heroes slowly entered the long tunnel and encountered a single orc standing on his own. They prepared themselves and moved into hiding in a way that they could ambush the orc. Then, using prestidigitation, Lucius lured the orc forward with some flashing lights and a bang. What happened next proved to be more than they had bargained for as Gog answered their call.

3 I’m a few sessions ahead of my blog at the moment so I know there’s some interesting stuff going on here.

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