A Half-Baked Adventure

As I’ve said on more than a few occasions – it’s really important to me that I be the best Dungeon Master I possibly can be. To that end, I’ve looked at taking on a number of activities which, I think, will help.

The first one is simple. Read as much as you can! I called this out in the article, Perfecting Your Craft 01 – Read Read Read. To that end, I started out with R.A. Salvatore’s Cleric Quintet and am now on the 12th book in The Legend of Drizzt Series.

The second thing I did was to sign myself up to the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League 2020 Anniversary Celebration. Honestly, I can’t recommend this to anyone because it was very badly managed but it was really important to me that I could experience the act of playing D&D.

The most recent thing I’ve done has been to sign myself up to the Fall 2020 RPG Writer’s Workshop. Over the course of the next month, I’ll complete 20 lessons with the aim of publishing my first module on the 30th.

RPG Writer Workshop

I’ve got two objectives here. A few sales of that module could help me fund the maps and the various Fantasy Grounds modules I’ve picked up but, more importantly, I’m hoping it will help me create better homebrew content for my sessions.

There is another thing that I’m hoping to achieve. I’d like to share some of the content I’ve been writing for the Accidental Heroes with you guys.

I completed my first lesson today which was entirely focused on planning and preparation but, the interesting part is that I think I’ve formed the idea for my story. The plan is to take the Pickleberry Pie invented in Session 08 and tell the story of what happens when the Halfling that runs the bakery enlists a group of adventurers to fight off the monsters that have taken residence in the factory.

I’m really pushing for the release at the end of the month and I’ll be giving away a free copy to anyone who has added a comment in one of my blog entries prior to the publishing date.

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